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Full-service Concept, UX & UI product design, WEB, APP & IOT development, SaaS, API & Docker programming, and Cloud - Hosting management.


  <title>Concept, Design & Programming</title>

 <ul id="front-end">

    <li> React/Angular </li>
    <li> React Native </li>
    <li> Progressive Web App/Instant App </li>
    <!-- Usable, beautiful, progressive
         responsive and native UI's on
         mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop -->

 <ul id="back-end-stack-1">

    <li> .NET / .NET Core </li>
    <li> MySQL / MSSQL / PostgreSQL </li>
    <li> Micro-service API architecture </li>
    <li> Git versioning </li>
    <li> Docker container deployment </li>
    <li> Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS </li>
    <li> MS Azure, Amazon EC2,
         DigitalOcean, Google Cloud </li>
    <!-- Solid architecture for e-commerce
         and process oriented systems, when
         strict data-control is crucial -->

 <ul id="back-end-stack-2">

    <li> Node.js </li>
    <li> MongoDB/Elastic </li>
    <li> GraphQL </li>
    <li> Micro-service API architecture </li>
    <li> Docker container deployment </li>
    <li> Git Versioning </li>
    <li> Linux </li>
    <li> MS Azure, Amazon EC2,
         DigitalOcean, Google Cloud </li>

    <!-- Supersonic publishing and
         prototyping making it a snap to
         add new functionality -->

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DanskeBank / MobileLife

Easy and long-term fund investment, wide spread and low risk without an obligatory knowledge of shares and bonds, adapted to the individual clients finances, for Denmark's largest bank.

SKARP's contribution

Backend software architecture and database design. React App frontend, React Component Library, and API gateway development.

macbookA team of partners, including Parley for the Oceans andadidas, has created an innovative shoe, the upper part ofwhich is made entirely of yarns and laments reclaimedand recycled from ocean waste and deep-sea fishing nets.Removing 72 km of illegally abandoned deepsea netting,Adidas and Parley for the Oceans are redesign, material use, and 3D-printing inrunning shoe made from ocean plastic.SustainiaJun 2. 2017PUBLISHER3D-Printed Shoe Made fromOcean Plastic WasteFASHIONMASOLUTIONS

Global Opportunity Explorer

UN Global Compact / Sustainia

A media and database that promotes companies who improve the planet's living conditions, by maintaining the UN's 17 poverty and environmental sustainability goals.

SKARP's contribution

A full-service solution from Concept Development, UX and Design, a React Frontend and Component Library, connected by a GraphQL-API gateway to a headless WordPress having ElasticSearch, to managed Docker-hosting in the AWS Cloud.




Logistics application for issuing gift cards, integrated against 3rd party suppliers for card activation, statistics and optimization of workflows.

SKARP's contribution

React WebApp development, Dotnet core API & MongoDB, Async Message Queues, packing label creation with handling of address issues, hosted in a Docker container cluster.

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